Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Drawrings!

Here's a few of many drawings I did over the weekend exploring a design I think will be Lily (from Lady Lows). I haven't exactly kept her design steady through the strip, but I didn't think I'd like drawing it so much- and now that I've recognized how much fun I have, I'll make a model sheet!

Eat the fish taco?

Goodbye fish taco.


Pepp said...

Oh I like these a lot. Toilet girl needs work but I think she has the most potential

S-Harkey said...

Oh my goodness! Cassie, these are ammaaazzinngg! You're getting so goooood! I'm jealous of your skills XD

Bluespace86 said...

These are grrreeeeeaaaattttt! You are really developing your own style and it's strong :)

Johnimation said...

These are bitching! I like the story of the fish taco :P