Sunday, April 10, 2011

Retroactive Birthday Gift

I've been working on this painting off and on since December for a special someone's birthday in January. It's a retroactive birthday gift. I hope he likes it. I'll find out at the end of the month, probably, when I see him, hopefully.

Originally, I had scribbled the design and some concepts on a page of ruled paper during... during a rehearsal for a sketch comedy show I was working on. Then I made myself put it away so I could pay attention. A little while later, I pulled out these chicken scratches and sketched the following out...

But as I wanted to explore some options, I decided to redraw it into the following:

Eyes closed or eyes open? I really liked the flow and feel of the first one, although I enjoyed the flirtation in the second. Ultimately, I decided to go with eyes shut because I felt it was more dreamy and this sums up one of his dreams that I promised him I would never disclose the name of but it has to deal with opening a restaurant and cooking black beans in a lot of dishes. Seriously, Yum!

So, I then painted this 20x14 w pastels.


S-Harkey said...

Awwww- this is super cute! Love the colors!

Casey Leigh said...

Personally, I think I liked the second one better, but I understand your reasoning for choosing the first. I like the finished product quite a lot.