Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mouth Time Travel Dream

(You can probably view it better here: )

 Some quick sketches from my weird dream last night... The part I left out was that I saved my family's farm from the cavalry who were using their fighter jets (who happened to have their base in a huge hanger in the middle of one of our horse fields).  I did it with my fists and sass, too!  No gun necessary, which bummed my best friend (the best rifle ever).  While we were all like "eh, let this be done, we've lost too many soldiers", I was strolling back to my childhood home on the hill from our pastures, and WHAT'S THIS?  Someone grabs my hand.  I look at my hand weirded out, but it felt really nice to hold someone's hand, so I kept holding his hand and he said "let's run away together"!  And being the modern day Annie Oakley, said "Ok!"  Because if you're not ready to run into Adventure head on, don't talk to me!  Then the clouds turned really scary dark like they did when I was 11- red, blue, black, even purple within a few minutes of each other.  It was the scariest tornado watch I remember ever witnessing in the Midwest and it was in my dream about to ruin us running away!  I suggested we go back to my house, and he said he would be uncomfortable with my parents around, and I said "Fine, sit in the ditch.  I'm going to ask my mom to make me cookies."  Mid-fight, it started raining and I woke up!

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