Thursday, June 16, 2011

Light Reading

Pardon the lighting, there is none in my apartment- Bah! I've been working on this Hermoine pic for the past couple of days. I've never used gouache before, so that was an experience. I got the hang of it within the last 5 minutes. I started the concept with a rough sketch (below). Her pose and body shape changed. It made no sense for her to be sitting on a huge book reading a book. I wanted the joke to be that this huge book is "light reading" for her- and the book she was reading was in the way of achieving that.


T-McCandless said...

So cool! is this just straight onto the wall?

Cassie said...

Haha! No... it's on paper. That would be awesome to have a huge painting from floor to ceiling though. A nice reminder that we should read more.

Brandi G. said...

This is really cute! I've never used gouache either. I love the style you used, your art is really evolving :P

Gordon Hammond said...

Hey Cassie,

It's pretty cool....I like the finished pose better than the sketch. Next time I would try and make her body a ligher value than the hair, as it is the body get's lost a bit.

but keep on truckin!