Monday, May 2, 2011

Adventures in Paper Art!

After watching a demo on how to do this paper cut out stuff (I'm not sure what it's referred to as...) from Brittney Lee a few weeks ago, I had to try it out. This is a gift for my dad. His birthday was a few days before mine in April... so yet again, retroactive... Sigh.

I had bought only a few color card options to work with so before I started cutting, I crudely did some experiments in photoshop to see what would look best. Here's a few of what I considered...

I ended up going with this one.

Then I started thinking about composition... did I really want it this simple? This was too easy, I wanted to do something else. So I added a cactus.

And hopefully, this is the route your eyes take...

I'm looking forward to doing this activity again in the future!


Johnimation said...
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S-Harkey said...

This is really cool! I've been meaning to do this since I discovered that Brittney Lee is amazing :D
Yours turned out really cool! I'm definitely going to try my hand at this this summer
Also... I accidently posted this under John's name... and then deleted it when I realized... so thats why you may have a jumbled message from John :)

T-McCandless said...

jeeze sarah. *eyeroll*.
but yes, cassie, this is bonkers. ;) so so cool. :D

Amada Rosas said...

NICE WORK!!!! I like the colors and dimensional look to it.

Oh and I am updating my blog again. :D