Friday, November 5, 2010

Spent sketches

Around this time last year, I entered Advanced Sketch Writing at Second City with Sean Cusick. In January, we named our show, "SPENT! You're Born, You Buy Stuff, You Die". Most of us wanted "shit" in the title, but our better judgment came to the rescue. This is the initial drawing I did during the rehearsal where we, writers, brainstormed names- by brainstorming, someone said, "how about-" and it was perfect. There are shows that take weeks to name and then there are shows that it's just too simple with everyone in agreement.

This next one was an option I started with before I got to the one above... I was trying to draw one of those plates that hang from this contraption and it just happened to be in an odd place physically for the other drawing. Not intentional. Not one bit.

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Samuel said...

I love these two sketches. Compliments to you, Cassie.