Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hellacon: The Inaugural Year

My wonderful and talented friend, Stina, co-founded a new convention back in May up in San Francisco celebrating popular culture, art, music, comedy, and most prominently, film.  She and her business partner named it Hellacon. Haha! I only wish I had a finished film to share in their festival!  

My side kick and new HUSBAND (!!!) was with me and covered the booth while I snuck away to attend the Key Note: Sarah Mirk, Bitch Media's Online Editor and host of their podcast "Propaganda." The New Parkway venue has comfortable and quirky vintage chairs and couches, so I sat in a dark corner and continued sketching on a commission while I listened to her presentation.  She spoke about the media and the responsibility of media makers.  It was very enlightening!

Here are some commissions and sketch cards sold during the convention.  

It is a small convention as it was it's first year, but none the less, I would say a successful one for only being put together by two people for the first time.  Wow!  What an undertaking!  I'm so happy to have contributed and been a part of the inaugural event.

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