Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What's Opera, Doc?

"What's Opera, Doc?" is one of my favorite Looney Tune shorts ever!  So when I had the opportunity to contribute to the 4th Annual Red Dot Auction for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, I was thrilled to get my finger paints out.  I have to admit it wasn't an easy decision for I also love "Feed the Kitty" but ultimately, I couldn't get passed the chubby horse.  I had a pony growing up that I named Twinkle, and the only thing that would've been better than my Twinkle pony would be to have a chubby pony with pink hair.  The only thing.  But I was really lucky.  How many kids have a pony?!  I'll stop with my complaining now. =P 

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Anonymous said...

Twinkle was a good pony. She had white spots/stars all over from nose to tail on a coat that was somewhere between a chestnut and a bay. She definitely matched the barn decor.
So, do you want a pony for your birthday? Dad.