Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life Scientist Revamp

For the past few months I have been re-working the process of how I create my web comic, Life Scientist.  Initially, I began quickly jotting down things I would think about or inventions I don't think should be invented but happened to create in my head.  Mostly, they would be quick ink sketches in my moleskin on my breaks at work- taking under 5 minutes each.  It was nice for awhile, it cleared my head which was great.  Then, I got bored.  I wanted a little more challenge.  So I stopped this daily ritual to rethink how I wanted to present it.  This is when I thought about making it into a diary comic- which is probably my favorite type of comic format for it's honesty and thoughtfulness.  My favorite artists being Lucy Knisley and Margeux Motin

I have often battled with whether I wanted to be a full-time writer or a full-time artist.  And although, that seems to be a first world problem in which both types of work are few and far between, I've been lucky enough to have had a little of both.  First as a fairly consistent freelance writer, and then as a full-time artist for Disney.  The freelance writing just gutted me.  I began to despise it.  I was writing encyclopedia pages and how-to pages about things I would have to research for two hours to get paid to write for 30 minutes.  So, I quit.  All four websites.  I realized the thing I love about writing is storytelling, and specifically in a visual medium.  That is WHY I went to school for Animation and moved to California, after all! 

So, yes, comic diary.  That is how I'm going to collect random thoughts, ideas, silly inventions, favorite moments, personal philosophies, and life assessments.  I'm very fond of the little things but I am the worst at remembering them! 

I hope you like it! 

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