Friday, August 3, 2012

Web Comics, let's go!

My friend and I started a web comic called Nerds with Beards.  Read it!

I also woke up one morning and started one of my own called Life Scientist.  Read it!

This one is my favorite so far.

The whole thing is basically me doodling my thought process.  Most take about 5-15 minutes to create from thought to final color wash.  I don't doodle options, I just make marks and notes like it's a notebook (of a Mad Woman!) so it's very raw.  You will see all my mistakes.  All of these are honest things I think about- either about my own habits or what I see in the world.  My main goal is to get out of my head and stop over analyzing everything.  Since beginning this a week and a half ago, I feel... free.

I'm always looking for ways to turn my flaws into strengths... or humour!

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