Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello December! You old goat.

So, my horoscope for this week was pretty intriguing and it began with this quote:

"Not to dream boldly may turn out to be irresponsible." - Educator, George Leonard.

Therefore, I am stepping myself up and out of my comfort zone even more. I am going to end 2011 with a lot of fireworks and a lot of kisses- Kissing 2011 goodbye with my kick ass awesomeness, that is. I won't divulge exactly what my goals are- you'll see. Or maybe I should so you can see what I did accomplish- because then it would be easy for me to say I did it all even though I got 3 of 6 goals finished... Hmm... Dilemma! Ok, I've decided to be vague so I can really own my success or failure as of January 1st (of course, I'm a winner so I will be winning- did I make the reference correctly??).

List of goals December 2011
*I typed this out while the soundtrack of Pirates of the Carribean played in the background... it was very epic!*

!!! Portfolio Revamp
!!! One episode radio play
!!! Web comic started
!!! Weekly challenge *One week of... one shot comics, birds, little girls, stuff like that. I'm hoping it encourages me to explore design options more.
!!! Finalize HHF Character Designs
!!! Edit Old Fashionedista's #3... maybe even #4...

Whoa, slow down, am I right?

I'm going to get this done! I'm going to get this done! Watch me as I take the next 4 weeks and do it! (Me psyching myself in public, pretty gutsy right? Or wait- it could be pathetic... like dropping a pickle on the sidewalk or something... oh dear...)

Crap! I have a Christmas present to paint this weekend- what the heck did I just do?! How do I delete this post?

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